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    What Does VEMMA Stand For?

    By Ambassador Leaders Tyler & Mimi Ford
    So…What makes up the Vemma formula? Vemma is an acronym that stands for VITAMINS, ESSENTIAL MINERALS, MANGOSTEEN AND ALOE VERA.
    • The V in Vemma stands for Vitamins. There is a tremendous amount of research and evidence validating that Vitamin supplementation is Crucial for long term health and prevention of disease. In Vemma, there are 12 FULL SPECTUM Vitamins with levels at or significantly above RDA recommended levels. Why? Because the most up to date research is showing that many vitamin levels need to be higher than previously thought.  For example, based on research, Vemma increased the Vitamin D3 level to 1,000 units per dose well before the RDA changed their guidelines from 400 to 800 units needed per day.

    • Beyond the Vitamins, there are also 65 ESSENTIAL MINERALS that are so advanced in their size, they are able to penetrate cell walls in the human body. Our bodies do not Make Minerals…The only way we get minerals is from the  FOOD we eat on a daily basis and supplementation.  They are absolutely crucial for every level of Biological function in our bodies and are key to vitamin absorption and usage.  These minerals are in IONIC form – which means they are plant sourced and in the same form that you would get if you ate an apple or other food grown in mineral rich soil. But today our soil is depleted, so we must supplement minerals into our diet. These minerals are also water soluble so any unused amounts are flushed from your system and there is no chance for toxicity!
    • The Next Letter M in VEMMA stands for MANGOSTEEN. The secret behind the amazing results people experience when using this formula is the Mangosteen fruit. Its cultural significance in Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia and Thailand is because of its medicinal qualities, and has been used for centuries. –There are over 14,000 published scientific medical papers on this fascinating fruit that highlight its incredible attributes from China, Japan, Australia, Germany and countries all over the world proactive in Eastern Medicine.  The greatest benefits of Mangosteen are its natural anti-inflammatory properties and high anti-oxidant levels. Mangosteen has one of the highest anti-oxidant (ORAC) scores of any fruit known to man. Vemma wanted to put it’s mangosteen product to the test to make sure it was the most potent mangosteen product on the market. In independent lab studies Vemma came out the clear winner. There are even biologically active molecules called proanthocyanidins, also known as OPCs, tannins, and catechins in this amazing Fruit, all of which have significant biological activities. As powerful as this fruit is…it is amazing to think Mangosteen is just ONE, of the 5 nutritional technologies incorporated into VEMMA. Beyond the Vitamins, Minerals and Mangosteen there are 2 other major categories of micronutrients in this simple, convenient, and easy to drink 2 ounce liquid.
    • The A in VEMMA stands for ALOE VERA. Aloe has been known for thousands of years for its healing properties to the skin and especially for burns. Many people don’t know or haven’t heard about its use in soothing and supporting a healthy digestive system and strong immune system!  Aloe is also one of the richest natural sources of molecules called glyco-nutrients. These molecules help our body’s cells communicate with each other and are considered the building blocks of a healthy immune system.

    Last but not least, Dr. Wang incorporated Decaffeinated ORGANIC GREEN TEA extract for even Greater Anti-oxidant capacity. Green tea contains powerful anti-oxidant molecules called polyphenols that are known to strengthen the immune system along with numerous other benefits for the body.


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