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    Placement Strategy, Cycling & Leadership Updated May 17, 2013

    Hello Team! 

    The following email is lengthy but extremely important for your success in VEMMA. Do not treat it lightly by just skimming over it. Please print it out. Read it. Dissect it. Use a highlighter. Make notes in the margin. Write down questions that need to be clarified. It will help you tremendously with your future success. Promise!

    (Note: The purpose of the following discussion is not to repeat all of the parameters in your Back Office on the Fast Start and Momentum Bonuses or on cycling and the Cycle Bonus. YOU must read those yourself and understand them. If you have questions, call your upline Leader for clarification.)

    One of the most frequent questions we receive is, "When do I open up my inside / Profit leg so I can start cycling?"

    You should have heard this topic discussed on the Roadmap CD which does not get into a whole lot of detail. And you have also probably heard the terms three to the power of three and two by two. You have probably heard about the need to create momentum in your Power leg before starting your Profit leg. But what does all of this mean? The following discussion will hopefully clear this up for you.

    When you first come into the business you and your upline are building together, as a Team, your Power leg. (Your enroller or upline Leader will tell you which leg this is and also show you how to set your Placement Strategy in your Back Office under "My Account.") Building your Power leg with your upline is, as Becki says, "like your training wheels." You are accruing volume, which is money in the bank, and being paid initially for your efforts via the Fast Start Bonus and Frenzy Bonus. You are also learning about your business, listening to CD's, reading brochures, handouts and magazines, books, navigating and reading in your Back Office and learning Leadership skills (discussed below) which is absolutely PARAMOUNT prior to you opening up your inside / Profit leg.

    Three to the power of three means that you, the new Member, enrolls your first three new Members on your Power leg and your three do the same. So by now you have 12 new persons on your Power leg. A good rule of thumb and good start but there is more to it. Two by two just illustrates the power of geometric progression. Two who bring in two who bring in two, etc. ALL down the Power leg. So 2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 8 x 2 = 16 x 2 = 32 x 2 = 64 etc.....This illustrates how fast and easy your business can grow and this growth is starting to bring on momentum, but there is still more to it than this.

    What we have seen work well ,  and create the most excitement and momentum, is accruing volume on your Power leg of approximately $500 on autoship in your enroller tree (those who you have personally enrolled and they have enrolled, etc.) and have  one - two builders or Emerging Leaders (discussed below). This can take as many as  20 or more  Members (Not Customers. See Customer vs Member article.) under you to find these builders. This is not cast in stone. BUT, you DO NOT want to be opening up your inside Profit leg with less than these results!  Remember to always consult with your upline Leader for guidance. This will eliminate unnecessary challenges. Promise!

    Also, when you are creating momentum like this down just one leg, this creates a sense of URGENCY inside the prospective new Member. As Tom calls it, "First movers advantage." Meaning, "You better lock in your position (enroll) ASAP before the next person get's in (signs up) because you never know when the next go getter is going to come in to the business and you definitely want this person UNDER you!" Or, “You can either have the next people be in your business or you can be in theirbusiness. It’s your choice!” This helps create a sense of Urgency!

    So what about Leadership?

    We have had many people want to open their inside leg because they already have some of the parameters set forth above; i.e., the volume. However they have not displayed the necessary Leadership traits to LEAD their Profit leg. So what are they? The following are all necessary and what ALL of the Successful Leaders do.  This is why they are successful in VEMMA.

    1) They have completed, utilize, and promote to their new people the Roadmap to Success.

    2) They stay Plugged In and are on, and promote, Tom's Saturday AM Training Call, Monday night Opportunity Calls and BK's first Tuesday monthly Corporate call.

    3) They have personally enrolled, at least, 3 - 5 new Members down their Power Leg.

    4) They have product and tools on hand and know each product and are familiar with the content of all tools.

    5) They have Purchased a Silver or a Gold Builder Pack usually as their first order or within their frist 60 days of enrolling.

    6) They have hosted 2 - 3 Home Events and follow the Home Event outline exactly. This creates duplication.

    7) They promote and have perpetuated Home Events with their new people at their new person's home.

    8) They attend monthly Regional Events and bring new people to this event.

    9) They understand and can navigate ALL facets of their back office.

    10) They stay connected with their upline Leaders with regularity. 

    11) They attend and promote Regional Events and the Annual Conferences to better themselves. 

    12) They promote and subscribe to Success Club and listen to ALL CD's including BK's VEMMA Message of the Month over and over. (Subscribe now!)

    13) They follow BK and other VEMMA Leaders on twitter and facebook.  (Do it now!)

    14) They follow the Leaders on facebook to stay connected to meetings and phone calls.

    15) They forward ALL emails received by their upline Leaders to their Team. 

    16) They are coachable!  

    Now here is the best part. Your initial goal should be to get your product paid for, FOR FREE!  Once you and your upline Success Coach agree that it is time for you to open your inside profit building leg, you will start to receive the Cycle Bonus, the Momentum Bonus and continue to receive the Fast Start & Frenzy Bonuses on this new leg. Awesome!

    Some words of caution. DO NOT open up your inside profit leg just to receive the Cycle & Momentum Bonuses unless you are 100% positive that you are going to do what ever it takes to build your Vemma business. Why? The worst thing you can do is open up your inside leg, enroll a few people, then quit yourself. Why? Because then the new people on your inside leg are now stuck on a dead inside leg. This is a major shame for these folks. Why? Since you the Leader quit leading, these folks no longer have someone working with them to help drive this leg. Your upline Success Coach will further clarify this with you.

    Also, DO NOT enroll your people under someone in your downline, inside profit leg, to help them get a check. IF THEY WON'T WORK FOR MONEY, THE DEFINITELY WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE MONEY! This does not develop leaders. It develops leaners. The only time you enroll your people under someones elses inside profit leg is to 'reward' them. This is usually at the Gold Level or higher. They have also fulfilled ALL of the Leadership traits in this article. This also benefits your new person as they will get additional support from a proven Leader.

    We all realize that network marketing is a volunteer army (business). However those that desire success listen and do what their successful upline Leaders instruct / coach them to do. This is not about  reinventing the wheel. This is about doing / perpetuating a proven duplicatable system. Remember that the people follow the system and the system runs the business. People are not duplicatable but systems are.

    All of the above, as Jim Rohn says, "Is easy to do, and also, very easy not to do!" But this is why they are ALL must do's if you want success with your VEMMA business.

    Emerging Leaders are those that are doing all of the above, but have not fulfilled the necessary structure requirements of their Power leg to open their Profit leg. As Grady says, "You want your Power leg growing independently of your own efforts prior to opening up your Profit leg!"

    But note, you DO NOT want to ever neglect your Power leg once switching focus to your Profit leg. Thus you do not want your Power leg to get so BIG, that it gives you a feeling of complacency that you do not ever have to worry about it again. Remember that YOU are the Leader of YOUR organization, YOUR Team, YOUR Business!

    So you may be saying to yourself, "What's the BIG deal? Why must I do all of the above before opening my Profit leg?" Because, until you are doing ALL of the above, you have not proven to anyone, including yourself, that you are qualified to Lead YOUR Profit leg. The saddest thing that can happen is that you enrolled a new Member too soon on your Profit leg and then you subsequently quit. That unfortunate new Member is now stuck on an inside leg that has no momentum. It ends up being a dead leg. Why? Because everyone above and below is continuing to drive the Power Leg right past that inside person or they have now qualified themselves as a true Leader and are now enrolling new Members down their own Profit leg.

    Also, when you do open up your inside Profit leg,  it typically starts out slow. Why? Because this is YOUR  Profit leg. It's YOU, the Leader, who is building this leg. Your upline will support you, but they are not enrolling down your inside leg, you are. It is you and your new people that are driving this leg. It is your Profit leg but it is your new Members Power leg, This is why it is so essential to be a true Leader prior to opening up your inside leg. Now this is when the fun of your VEMMA business really get's going. This is when you start cycling and start receiving Cycle Bonuses weekly and the monthly Momentum Bonus. You start rank advancing and receive Rank Advancement Bonuses. This is when you are striving to become an Elite Member and the Coveted Black Chair at convention. "If it is to be, it is up to me!"

    Some favorite sayings on this topic:

    "Leader of one, Leader of many. If you can't lead one (yourself), you can't lead any!" 

    "A rising tide (that's you) raises all ships!" 

    And, "The pace of the pack is always determined by the speed of the Leader!" Again, that's YOU!

    Now for those of you that are visual, right brain, we have attached a very good short presentation by Star Ambassador, Gary Brady. He does not get into all of the necessary detail that we have above. However he does give a very good visual presentation on how to Structure or as Gary calls it, Placement Strategy.

    Remember also, as is proven already by those that have done it and are continuing to do it. With YOUR VEMMA business, YOU can achieve a supplemental income in a short few months, a meaningful income within 12 - 24 months and a life changing income in 24-48 months. So YOU must work and have patience. This will work, if you do. The only way to fail is to quit. How fast did the last 2 - 4 years fly by? So the secret for success in this business is to last!

    WE hope this has clarified and answered your questions on this topic. And as always, if you have any more questions, or need any more clarification, just ask your upline Leader! 

    To your success! 

    Thank you,


    Glen, Becki & Grady Polcyn 

    Presidential Leaders